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Get a 2nd Opinion

Already been Pre-approved? Want to see if you can get a better loan, lower interest rate, or pay less in fees?

Are you a current homeowner and want to know if you can save money or get into a better loan.

Click the link to schedule a 2nd opinion call [Schedule HERE].

I’m currently licensed in the following States

  • North Carolina
  • South Carolina
  • Georgia
  • FL (pending, coming soon)
  • TN (Pending, coming soon)
  • MA (Pending, coming soon)
  • CT (Pending, coming soon)
  • VA (Pending, coming soon)
  • CA (pending, coming soon)
  • TX (pending, coming soon

NMLS# 1833506
NEXA Mortgage, LLC NMLS# 1660690
Company State License# AZMB – 0944059