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Early on as a Realtor, I realized that finding homes for my clients was the easier part of the home buying process. The more intimidating and challenging part of the process was the preparation, loan preapproval and getting through underwriting successfully. Often times, I would meet buyers who were preapproved, but wouldn’t get through underwriting for simple things or lack of knowledge. Each time that a buyer goes under contract on a home, but gets a loan denial prior to closing, this usually results in a waste of time and money. I decided to become a Mortgage Loan originator so I could properly educate any potential homeowner and help them cross the finish line to homeownership. Being both a realtor and Mortgage Loan originator allows me to council and advise borrowers/homeowners at the beginning of the process, even before pulling their credit. I’m also able to protect them from making decisions that wouldn’t be advantageous in the long run by explaining things from both a now and future perspective, weighing pros and cons of all scenarios.

Powered by NEXA Mortgage, LLC NMLS# 1660690. My Individual NMLS number is 1833506. Working for a mortgage broker vs a retail lender gives me access to multiple Lenders vs being isolated with 1. This allows me to be flexible with multiple client types with different credit scores, property types and employment status. Another advantage is that typically, brokers get better rates, flexibility with origination cost and access to unique loan types. Most importantly, as a loan originator working for a broker, I’m able to help my clients from the convenience of their own home; they aren’t required to walk into a retail location, call customer service or talk to 10 different companies… creating literally a 1 stop shop.

As a Mortgage Loan Originator, I can assist with

  • Getting Pre-approved
  • Refinancing the current Loan to lower the mortgage, rate and/or term
  • Cash out Refinance/HELOC – Take advantage of the equity in your home to consolidate debt, pay for improvements or other obligations…