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Get an Offer on your Home Today

Get an Offer on your Home Today…. No lockboxes, solicitors or ‘for sale’ signs.

    1. Need to sell your house quickly “AS IS”?
    2. Want to skip the stress of putting a ‘for sale’ sign in your yard and inviting the world in your home?
    3. Has a home been inherited or passed down from a family member?
    4. Own an abandoned or distresses property?
    5. Are you in a situation where repairs are expensive, and you’d rather sell?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes for you or anyone you know, contact us today to get an offer for your property and a quick closing.

Step 1 – Receive a competitive offer on your home
Step 2 – Bypass all the lockboxes, solicitors, and for sale signs
Step 3 – Close quickly and receive your proceeds

Frequently asked Questions

Q: How does the offer process work?
A: Once you submit the home for an offer with the requested information, an offer will be presented contingent on inspection and verification of information submitted. From there we will schedule closing, preferably within weeks of an accepted offer.

Q: Can you list my home on the on all the public platforms if I decide it’s a better option?
A: We’d be happy to! Whether you want to take advantage of the presented offer or have TRG list your property to maximize the return we will take care of you!

Q: What types of property are Acceptable?
A: Single or Multifamily homes contingent upon inspection and title search. Properties must not have any unpermitted additions and/or significant foundation issues. Single Family Homes are preferably owner occupied or vacant with clean title.

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